Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Lebanese Internet Censorhip Act

Well well well, guess what folks, Lebanon has finally done it. A new draft law was proposed in parliament concerning the Internet. In their words regulating the internet. I always love when governments use these kind of words, instead of censorship they use regulation, instead of arbitrary arrests they use for the safety. But do not be fooled, these words are as bad as they do not sound.

The Lebanese government is trying to censor the internet but wait that's not the worst part. All recommendations for the draft law are being proposed by people who have no idea what the internet is, how powerful it is or most probably how to use it. I cannot understand why Lebanon would pick this time to do such a thing, i mean we are still in the 'Arab Spring' phenomena, where millions of people over threw dictators and tyrants using the internet. So lets recap this, other governments who had censored the internet lost power but Lebanon who has free internet and relative civil legitimacy is now censoring the internet???? Are they hoping for a reaction? 

Please find below some links to the new law proposed and what it means to everyone, whether you are a blogger, Facebook enthusiast, Web designer, press or just someone who likes to leave comments on everything; YOUR WAY OF LIFE is being threatened.

So please do not wait till it is over and done with, take action. Remember SOPA and PIPA in one day we spoke and that was enough to silence the censorship board. Please visit these links, read up about the law, understand what it means and most importantly take action. 


Visit the link above to see the draft law in our 'native' language !

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